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We at Rare Coin are gearing up for our next adventure and expanding into the super hero genre with our next original screenplay! A girl meets a hero from the future and gets mixed up in a universe she didn’t know she was a part of. Can she help him save the day, or will history be rewritten forever?

We’re looking to shoot the whole last week of June. Please only audition if you have that week free.


Volunteer Work, Credit, Food, and a great credible Director of Photography that’ll give you something amazing for your reel.


If you would like to be considered for the roles, please complete the submission form on our website. After we review your submission, we’ll contact you for your resume, headshots, and reels if you have them. Once we receive those, you’ll be sent an email with the character sides so you may audition for us via self-tape. These steps are to ensure professional, serious submissions and proof of active email use and a way to contact you. Please slate your self-tape before beginning your audition in the best lighting possible and a good angle so we can actually see your talented faces! We’re eager to meet and work with you! Hope to hear from you soon!


Jared King – Male (Late 30s-mid 40s, Caucasian) Jared lived in Lion City when the “Lion City Incident” took the life of his wife and child. He blames himself every day for “not being strong enough” to save them. It eats away at him. Jared fell to rock bottom and has been building himself ever since to try and use any knowledge he can from that day to gain some kind of an edge in the now changed world. He NEVER wants to feel weak again.


Albert Ford – Male (30s, African American) Albert is a big dude. Grew up on the hard streets of West Cap City, he had to learn to fight for what he wanted. His natural strength and unchecked anger were what carried him through life and allowed him to always be “the Alpha” in any situation. He’s always looking for how to get stronger which brings us to his team up with Jared. After finding out that Jared is also looking for the key to more strength Albert became his muscle, and partner in crime.


The Scientist – No Gender Specified (40s and up, Caucasian) No one really knowing his name, the doctor found a HUGE fascination of the beings that were involved in the Lion City Incident and has dedicated his life to finding the truth about them. With him and Jared’s ambitions aligning, it only seemed natural for them to team up.


Jessie – Male (Mid 20s, no specific Race) Jessie is Farah’s neighbor, the main character. Jessie is the type that probably was on drugs in the past but got himself clean and lives next to Farah in this crappy apartment. He sometimes comes over to antagonize her but she’s the only person that he can trust, and he deals with.

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