“Chopped Chives” is a short dramatic horror film

Ryan Budd

This is a short film that really dives deep into a toxic relationship that takes place in younger adult lives. The film will center around a young woman cooking a new meal for her and her fiance. Her fiance is very displeased with the light healthy meal that she is cooking and they have a dispute. The ending sees the fiance leave and the woman having a clear vivid image of herself chopping up her fiance’s fingers like “carrots”. She then removes the wedding ring from the finger and continues to chop it up.

Looking for:

Jennifer(19-26): humble, shy, very charismatic, and determined but struggles with self-doubt.

Chris(19-26): Cruel, arrogant, spoiled, selfish, and dangerous, someone who you look at and can already get terrible vibes from.

Non-actors are welcome to audition.

Please submit headshots and resumes with submissions.

Contact: ryanbudd@webster.edu with any questions.

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