Wild is the Wind

Sam Zoellner Films

A humid American horror story inspired by the iconic feud between avant-garde smack-down legend Azalea Banks and infamous investor Elon Musk: On the heels of a public fall from grace a young singer seeks to finish her comeback album at the hidden retreat of an enigmatic, but at sunset, the idyll cabin becomes a hellish trap.

Shooting July 28-31 in Crawford County, MO. Shoot will require overnight stay. Room/Board & Food will be provided.


  • Asteria – Protagonist – Age 20’s – Skills Needed: some singing, preferably guitar experience; Asteria is sharp-tongued, bold, paranoid, & resourceful. Asteria is a young pop star in hiding after a flop album & public fall from grace. As she prepares for her comeback album, she visits the retreat of an enigmatic billionaire at the invitation of his singer-songwriter girlfriend.
  • Colin J. Schwab III – Secondary Antagonist- Age 36; Colin is debaucherous, childish, prone to both outbursts and lectures, and ready to do enough coke to kill an elephant. Colin is a fresh-faced, trust-fund baby preparing to launch a presidential campaign. He is a friend of the billionaire hosting the weekend at the cabin.
  • Desi – Age Unclear – Any Gender. Traits: quiet, foxy, mysterious, weathered. Desi is a movie star recovering from vocal cord surgery.


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