Narrative Commercials for Non-Profit Org. (2 Adults, 5 Kids)

Website URL Sneakers with Soul

Lifting Spirits, One Step At A Time

These commercials are for Sneakers with Soul, which helps give kids of low income houses new, name brand shoes to help them feel confident with every step they take.


COMMERCIAL ONE: A father takes his daughter to a shoe store to get new shoes, where she makes a friend with another little girl who cannot afford new shoes. Soon after, they play at a playground, wearing their new shoes.

COMMERCIAL TWO: Kids running around and having fun, feeling confident in their new shoes (involves voice over)


Link to reel, film acted in, or video audition simply introducing yourself and your interest in the role.


Location: Greater St. Louis area

Date/Time: November 9th OR 16th


BRIAN (30s) – male, father of Kayle, any ethnicity

KAYLE (age 10-15) – female, daughter of Brian, any ethnicity

TABITHA (age 10-15) – female, new friend of Kayle, any ethnicity

KID 1 (ages 10-18), male, any ethnicity

KID 2 (ages 10-18), male, any ethnicity

KID 3 (ages 10-18), female, any ethnicity

Janitor (23-50), male, any ethnicity

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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