Casting call for “WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU,” a short film

Stephen Tronicek

Planned Film Dates: April 2021.

Compensation: Unpaid, Food and Credit.

Synopsis: Based on the feature length screenplay of the same name, “We Regret to Inform You,” follows Kitty, a woman who falls down the rabbit hole of college admissions schemes, when she becomes obsessed with getting her son into Princeton.


Kitty (40s) – Works from home and has become obsessed with getting her son, Gabriel, into Princeton. Lives and dies on the words of College Admissions Youtuber, Simon Marsh.

Gabriel (late teens) – Kitty’s son. He just wants to live his life and maybe start a band, but he can not with the control that his mother inflicts.

Mark (50s) – Kitty’s husband. Disconnected from Kitty’s actions and wants the best for his son.

Simon Marsh (20s) – A popular College Admission Youtuber who is there to tell you how to cheat the system.

Reporter (30s) – Onscreen to report on a particularly ironic piece of news.

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