Auditions for DREAMGIRLS at Stray Dog Theatre

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Stray Dog Theatre (SDT) is holding non-Equity auditions for their upcoming production of Dreamgirls. As always, Stray Dog Theatre honors diversity and non-traditional casting practices.

Music by Henry Krieger / Book and Lyrics by Tom Eyen

Journey back to a time in musical history when rhythm and blues weren’t everything, they were the only thing. In the swinging 60s, the Dreamettes, led by the powerful Effie White, embark on an R&B music career that leads them across the country. Romantic entanglements, Effie’s weight, racism, and the arrival of a fresh new sound in the 70s make this show biz musical a thrilling hit.

Performances: April 4-20, 2019
First rehearsal: February 17, 2019

Please Note: The roles of EFFIE MELODY WHITE, DEENA JONES, CURTIS TAYLOR, JAMES “THUNDER” EARLY, C.C. WHITE, and MARTY MADISON have been cast. Any actor offered ensemble will be covering many roles in the show including featured singing and dance roles.

Principal Roles

LORRELL ROBINSON (Female, 20-30, African American, Soprano) – The youngest backup singer. Speaks her mind. Eager for success, swept off her feet by James Thunder Early. High energy and attitude, with a touch of the romantic. Please note that we are looking for an actress with a slender build to fulfill the requirements of the story.

Supporting Roles

MICHELLE MORRIS (Female, 20-30, African American, Soprano) – Replacement backup for Effie. Wants to stay out of in-fighting. Falls in love with C.C. and helps bring brother and sister together in the end. Please note that we are looking for an actress with a slender build to fulfill the requirements of the story.

ENSEMBLE (Male, All ages, All ethnicities, TB)


Email: (No phone calls, please.)


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Sunday, December 9, 2018, 12:00am – 4:00pm (Audition space opens at 11:30 am)

DANCE AND MUSICAL CALLBACK: Sunday, December 9, 2018, at 6:00pm
(Please wear comfortable clothing, and come prepared to move.)

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