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Local Mom (UCLA MFA Thesis & feature film, shooting mid-August to Early September 2020)

Jackie is a teen mom all grown up who is bored with the monotony of her life. Things get interesting (in the worst way) when she thinks her husband might be cheating on her. When a local girl goes missing she is afraid things are even darker. When her husband is arrested she is forced to face her biggest fear, to be a single mom. But she ends up learning a lot and for the first time becomes her own person. The film culminates when she has to decide if she is going to save her husband’s mistress.

Jackie Kelly (28 years old, female) is a stay-at-home grown up teen mom. She has been with her husband, Jordan, since her freshman year of high school and they have three kids together. A 10 year old and twin 5 year olds. Being a wife and mother is a huge part of her identity. She is white, she often wears plain clothing yet her unique personality is still visually strong. She is an avid runner and puts her family first, although she doesn’t have a typical soccer mom style. She occasionally smokes weed and drinks a few beers to cool off. She is screaming from the inside to be bold, but muted by her lifestyle.

Jordan Kelly (28 years old, male) is a grown up teen dad who has stuck to his responsibilities, as far as his family knows. He is a construction worker/ handyman for a guy who owns a lot of property in the city of St. Louis. He is a hard worker, and spends most of his time at work, with his family, or drinking in the loop with his co-workers and other regulars. He is black, he often wears comfortable clothes to work in- a t shirt and jeans, but usually with a nice pair of shoes. He isn’t totally happy with how his life has turned out so far, but he also can’t imagine it any other way.

Courtney Meeks (17 years old, male) is the Kelly’s neighbor. By looking at him he comes off as a typical high school f***boy, always wearing designer stuff he can’t afford and a fanny pack around one shoulders. But he is actually extremely smart, and particularly interested in coding and making his own video games. Most likely African American, but open to all races.

Sunny Bloom (28 years old, female) is another neighbor of the Kelly’s. She is an ex-party girl turned semi-successful realtor. She also babysits the Kelly kids on the side for extra money. She is impulsive, and loves drama. She is a big gossip and an overthinker, about every little thing! She considers Jackie to be one of her best friends, but Jackie never really thought about it that way. Sunny is oblivious to this.

Tanner Barnes (21 years old, male) is the next door neighbor to the Kelly’s. His mom has MS, and has been parapalegic since he was a kid- so when Jackie moved next door and started babysitting him she became somewhat of a second mom. Since he has to be at home a lot to take care of his mom, he has become a pretty successful marijuana dealer. No one would ever know it, but he has a big obsession with Jackie that is getting out of hand.

Kyson Kelly (10 years old, male) is the oldest son of Jackie and Jordan Kelly. He takes pride in his looks, and always has fresh clothes on. He is athletic and wants to be a baseball player when he grows up. He always wants to look cool, but is truly a big softy.  Like his siblings he is interracial, black and white.

Macauley Kelly (5 years old, male) is the twin to Raven and youngest child of Jackie and Jordan Kelly. He is going through his kleptomania phase, and can’t keep his hands off of anything, but other than that really is a good kid. He has a speech impediment so everything he says is adorable. Like his siblings he is interracial, black and white.

Raven Kelly (5 years old, female) is the twin to Macauley and child of Jackie and Jordan Kelly. She is the boss of her brothers, but also the most sensitive of them all. She is also very confident though, and easily makes friends at school. She is daddy’s little girl. Like her siblings she is interracial, black and white.

Karina Blattenberger (24 years old, female) goes missing in the beginning of the movie. She is white, preferably with red hair and tattoos. She is a bartender, deep in her party phase, and just loves to have a good time. Aside from bartending she is an artist, but she hasn’t been doing much since she graduated college. She has a dirty mouth, an electric personality and a consistent coke hook up.

Detective Alexander (20-50 year old, any gender) A long time detective, patient and understanding, but will bend the rules to get the job done. A very tough exterior.

Detective Briggs (20-50 years old, male) Trigger happy, just recently made detective, would never claim to be racist but definitely is.

Officer Smith (20-50 years old, female) genuinely helpful and sympathetic towards the families visiting their loved ones in person.

Officer (20-50 years old, male) tired of their job as a police officer.

Florence Meeks (40-50 years old, female) traditional, caring mother. She wants the best for her son, Courtney, and is always worried about what messes he is getting himself into. A homebody.

Ms. Barnes (40-60 years old, female) is parapalgeic and can not move or speak, but she has a computer that lets her communicate by typing with her eyes.

Principal Holly (voice over only)

Mr. Watkins (40-60 years old, male) sleezy, slick old man with too much money to spend. A lawyer. Divorced 3 times, engaged for his 4th marriage to a much younger women.

Derek Blattenberger (50 years old, male) a shy, but hiddenly strong man. He has always put his family first and does everything he can do for his wife and only daughter, Karina, who has gone missing. He is destroyed by this.

Winona Blattenberger (50 years old, female) is usually always a happy woman, but the news of her daughter’s disappearance has made her anxiety raise to the roof and she is worrying to the extreme and hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep since she found out the news.

Officer Suarez (20-50 years old, any gender) is a new cop. They haven’t been tainted by the force yet, and still have a strangely bubbly personality for an officer.

Middle Aged Women (40-50 years old, female) White, tired and mad at the world for the poor decisions that have  kept her in from progressing her entire life.

Security Guard (any age, any gender) Friendly, southern accent is a plus.

Teacher (any age, any gender)  Someone you’d be cool with watching your children.

News-castor (any age, any gender) Good annunciation and posture.


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