Super Glue Butt (5 CHARACTERS! ALL AGES!)

Super Glue Butt Short Film

A group of Film students at Webster University are calling for actors and actresses for our upcoming short film, Super Glue Butt.


When Richard, an adolescent boy without a firm grasp on his future, has a failed sexual experience, and drunkenly super glues his butt to his treehouse bench, he is force to confront his bodily insecurities amidst his family, friends, and the woman he’s (almost) had sex with. Super Glue Butt is a coming of age story exploring themes of insecurity, confrontation, and embarrassment in the face of the people we care about. The story is a whimsical and slightly psychedelic comedic drama poking fun at the Director’s own insecurities. The Director would like to present a message of the absurdity of many of our insecurities that bring us such conflict.



RICHARD – 15-18 year old male

very uncomfortable character

MRS. ROBINSON – 30+ year old woman

Richard’s sexually comfortable mother


sexually confident, bodily confident

BUDDY – 12-15 years old male or female

Richard’s overconfident, hostile, competitive next door neighbor and scene partner


COMPENSATION for gas will be given as well as healthy/unhealthy snacks on each filming day. Meals will vary each day depending on length of filming day.

Anticipated Rehearsal: early-mid September

Anticipated filming dates: Mid-late October and early November

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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