Seeking male actors in early 20s for short drama film

Sydney Russell Casting

We are casting one role for Chewing Tobacco, a short student drama film written and directed by Sydney Russell.

We are seeking male actors to audition for the role of Aidan, a significant figure throughout the film.

AUDITION DATE: Thursday, October 17th.
AUDITION TIMES: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.
AUDITION LOCATION: Webster University’s Sverdrup Building, 470 E Lockwood, Webster Groves, MO, 63119. Room 112.
SHOOTING LOCATIONS: Multiple throughout St. Louis.
COMPENSATION: None, though food and formal crediting will be provided.
SUMMARY: A young woman, Claire, must let go of the past by visiting her mother’s grave and breaking up with her freeloading boyfriend, Aidan.
FILMING DATES: November 1st – 3rd (1st and 3rd only for Aidan).


Aidan, early 20s, male, ethnicity unimportant – a disaffected young man who mooches off his girlfriend. In an attempt to stop smoking, he starts chewing tobacco, not realizing the problems that also provides. He’s not an absolute dictator, but a pathetic young man who does nothing for himself.

Please email Matthew Saponar at if interested! We can provide sides, audition materials, and information regarding the project.


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