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We actors in St. Louis are finally seeing a significant increase in on-camera opportunities in the film and television world thanks to the recent Missouri tax incentives for production. Additionally, the larger markets of Chicago, Los Angeles and New York have become increasingly more interested in investigating our local talent pool. For a submission to turn into an audition, it’s critical casting offices, directors and producers see a sample or “demo reel” of your work. For most of us, without a body of on-camera work to pull from, creating a demo reel simply isn’t possible and many local actors are being overlooked for opportunities as a result.

The Michael James Reed Studio can help you produce your own high quality “performance reel” – a self-tape style sample of one short, 60-90 second scene, showcasing your amazing on-camera talents to share with agents and casting directors. Having a performance reel posted on your agents’ website, as well as your Casting Networks and Actors Access pages, your potential for on-camera auditions increases dramatically.

BASIC package ($125) includes:

– A 45-minute virtual one-on-one consultation and interview where we meet, discuss what you specifically need, and how I best can help.

– Review material options that will best fit the “type” you are hoping to project.

– A 45-minute coaching and taping session of your selected and prepared scene in my studio setup.

– One edited and compressed version of your 60-90-second scene, delivered to your inbox, ready to share.

PROFESSIONAL package ($175) includes:

– All of the BASIC package with an additional, separate 30-minute virtual or in-person coaching session after you have received and worked on your material.

– In addition to a final edited and compressed version of your scene, you’ll receive a high-resolution copy, as well as all unused and unedited footage shot for your future use.

– Any additional coaching required or requested with either package will be billed at my normal private coaching hourly rate.

Personality slates can be added to either package at an additional $25 per setup.

In addition, please feel free to continue to reach out with your private coaching and self-taping needs (including voiceover). I work with actors at all levels who are committed to improving their acting abilities and skillsets and putting themselves in the best position to be cast with every casting opportunity.


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