Self-taping audition workshop

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Self-Taping Audition Workshop

  • How to prepare it
  • How to film it
  • How to act in it
  • How to edit it
  • How to submit it

Saturday, August 18th – 10am to 12pm (all ages)


Monday, August 20th – 6:30pm to 8:30pm (all ages)

2324 Marconi Blvd, St. Louis 63110 (free parking)

$50 (Parents welcome!)

A two-hour intensive workshop covering all aspects of preparing & creating a self-taped audition that casting directors and producers will pay attention to.

“In this two-hour class, I will give you a hands-on demonstration of how to create a self-taped audition you can be proud of. Being able to produce a successful and professional self-taped audition these days increases your casting potential dramatically and has become required by the industry. Learn the tips, techniques and tricks to making your tape stand out from the rest.”

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