Self-Taping ESSENTIALS (Parents & Kids/Teens) – free / pay-what-you-can – via ZOOM

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For the Professional Actor, by a Professional Actor

Tuesday, June 16th – Self-Taping ESSENTIALS (parents & kids): Who signed up to be a director, producer and camera person?? Right now, you ALL did if you have a child or teen trying to be cast in acting jobs. It can be an overwhelming process and in this webinar, I will de-mystify the whole task and show you what agents, casting directors, directors and producers are really looking for in these submissions. I’ll review the ESSENTIAL dos and don’ts that the business is demanding of you right now and reinforce the skills and mindset needed to make the most of every casting opportunity. Kids & Parents: Tuesday, June 16th, 7:00pm to 8:30pm – register HERE

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