Feature Length Student Film

Travis Productions


Genre: Comedy

Logline: A white girl approaches the Black Student Union on how she can be “Black”.

Production Type: Student Feature Film

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Contact: Blackcardmovie@gmail.com

Compensation: Paid

Union Status: Non-Union or Union

Audition Information: Video Submissions run from June 18th-June25th

Please send your RESUME/REEL, HEADSHOT, and A COMEDIC VIDEO MONOLOGUE to Blackcardmovie@gmail.com no later than June 25th 11:59PM. Again all submissions must be received by June 25th, 2020 at 11:59PM to be considered.

Shooting Schedule: Mid September-Early October (Tentative because of COVID-19) *Backup: January- Mid-February*

Character Breakdowns

Rebecca “Becky” Gray (MAIN)- Rebecca is the film’s protagonist. She is your typical 18-year-old, white freshman in college. She loves her Starbucks, Ugg Boots, and La Criox. She’s an awkward, quirky girl just trying to find where she feels comfortable in her own skin.
Imani Jackson (MAIN)- Imani is a 21 year old black freshman budding Youtube star & Rebecca’s roommate. Being a journalism major, she is very straight forward & honest. Though her delivery can be harsh at times, it always comes from a place of love.
Tierra Parker (MAIN)-Tierra is the 22 year old President of the Black Student Union. She’s a sarcastic, queen bee, smart, and educated. Big on “you got to give respect to get it” and has no problem with confrontation. She’s technically the Antagonist in the story.
Cornell Anderson (MAIN)- Cornell is a black 21 year old male. He is the Vice President of the Black Student Union and Tierra’s right hand man. Gives off Malcolm X vibes with his intellect and approach to life. Also he loves him some Black Jesus.
Diamond Davis (MAIN)-Diamond is 22 years old. She’s the Secretary in the Black Student Union and is Tierra’s sidekick. She holds that mob mentality and is very protective of those she cares for. She can be intimidating, but when you get to know her, you see she really has a soft heart.
James King (MAIN)- James is a 20 year old black male. He’s the Treasurer of the Black Student Union and is the clown of the group. He’s Deon Cole, if he was 20 in 2020. His temper can go from 0-100 real quick, and go right back down just as fast. Overall, he’s like the little big brother of the group.
Grandma Carolyn Anderson– Grandma Carolyn is Cornell’s grandmother. She is your classic, baptist, God-fearing grandma. She will slap you into next week and labor at the altar for God to bring you back safe and whole.
Craig– Tierra’s lackie. He’s kind of like a Carlton Banks when it comes to fashion with the Talented Tenth mentality. Due to his unrequited love for Tierra, he is willing to do whatever she asks; regardless of what the request may be.
Pastor P– A pimp in a pastor’s robe.
Ms. Tracy– The black mama on campus. She is the comforter and disciplinarian of the black student body.
Karen Gray– Rebecca’s Mom, not a Trump fan and believes that’s enough to be considered an “ally”.
Sister Johnson– God-fearing woman who takes her role in the church very seriously.
Game Club Member– A young geeky white male. He is a member of the Gaming Club on campus.
Freshens Worker– BLACK, 30-40 year old woman.
Terry Taylor– He’s the reject Steve Harvey.
GG Parker– She is Tierra’s elderly grandma.
Uncle Ronnie– 45-60 year old black man. (Tierra’s Uncle)
Auntie Birtha– 40-50 year old black woman. (Tierra’s Auntie)
Cousin Nene– 25-35 year old black woman. (Tierra’s cousin)
Tiana– 12-18 year old black girl. (Tierra’s little sister)
Monaye– 12-16 year old black girl. She’s a Tik Tok queen.
Lakeisha– 30-40 year old black woman. (Monaye’s Mother)
Grandma Gertrude– She is a elderly white woman.
Resident Assistant– 20-25 year old, white women.
Plus several other minor roles.

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