Indie Music Video June 27th & 29th

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Hello! This project is a music video for a local musician. The song is titled Past Life and as it suggests, the music video is about past lives. This is a indie song and the music video will be very “moody”.

  • We are looking for 1 FEMALE and 1 MALE actor 19-30yrs old.
  • As well as 1 FEMALE and 1 MALE actor 50-90yrs old.

There will be no lines for these roles. For a better idea of the role, look at the following music videos on YouTube:

  • Wendy Wander – Spring Spring
  • Mild Orange – Freak In Me
  • LOW HUM – Escape
  • Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Canary In A Coalmine

There may be a scene for the 19-30 yr female role to embrace the musician. Depending on your comfortability, kissing may be involved as well but not necessary.


We will be filming on June 27th and 29th with a possible third day on the 1st or the following week.


Please submit links previous work or reels if you’d like to be considered. The more you can show, the better! We are looking for good physical acting abilities. There will NOT be in person auditions.

Please also submit a video introducing yourself.

If you have nice clothes such as nice sweaters and jackets or vintage clothes you can wear in the video, please mention this in the video and feel free to show any or all articles.


There will be food and water on set and you will be paid $50 for each day over 4hrs and $25 for anything less.


The 27th and 29th could be 10hr days max but likely will be under 8hrs.


We will be filming in St. Louis, primarily near the Tower Grove Park area.

    Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

    Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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