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Waddell24 Entertainment Productions is beginning pre-production on a short drama film yet to be titled. Please send all resumes, headshots to and indicate if you would like to audition in person or submit a video. DEADLINE TO AUDITION FEB 29, 2020



Mike is a recovering addict and ex-convict. He has several years of sobriety under his belt, owns a small lawn care business and has turned his life around. He has reconnected with his ex-wife and is trying to repair a broken relationship with his daughter.  He is a sponsor and close friend to Brittany who works with Brianna, but she doesn’t realize its Mike’s daughter and Mike is unaware they work together.



Non-union film shoot

Pay:  $100 flat rate for lead roles, $45 for supporting roles, $10 for extras plus Food, Copy, Credit, IMDB credit.

Filming Locations: St. Charles County Missouri

Principle Photography Dates: Springtime 2020

Writer: Mark Williams

Director: T/B/D



Brad – Male – age range 20’s-early 30’s any ethnicity

Engaged to Brianna, laid back personality, friendly and outgoing. Doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Extremely grateful and grounded.


Brianna – Female – age range 20’s Caucasian

Engaged to Brad. Mike and Cheryl’s daughter. Very driven, not afraid of confrontation, successful. Not a fan of her absentee father, considers her step dad Joe to be her father.


Brittany – Female – age range 20’s any ethnicity

Recovering addict. Now clean, turning her life around. Still recovering emotionally from abuse and trauma in her life. Making new connections and taking life one day at a time. Close friends with Mike. Works with Brianna.


Cheryl – Female – age range 40’s to early 50’s Caucasian

Brianna’s mother – married to Joe. Smart, kind, wise and loving. She is the peacekeeper and an incredible mother. Successful at her career but considers family and relationships her real measure of success. Gives and gives but is not afraid to set firm boundaries.


Joe – Male – age range late 30’s to mid-fifties – any ethnicity

Brianna’s step dad, married to Cheryl. Stable, responsible, had great childhood, educated. Kind and loving but not that affectionate. Listens and doesn’t speak unless he has something to say. Usually keeps his real feelings to himself.



Recovering addict, ex-convict. Turned his life around, desperate to reconnect with his only daughter Brianna.




Chris – male or female  – any age adult – any ethnicity  (10 and under)

Recovering addict. Friends with Mike through the program.


Rink Employee – male or female – any age over 18  – any ethnicity (5 AND UNDER)

Works at the ice rink where Mike used to take Brianna skating as a child. Indifferent about their job, more worried about their life outside of work.


Robert – male – any age adult – any ethnicity (10 and under)

Recovering addict. Friends with Mike through the program.


Therapist – male or female – age range over 25 – any ethnicity

Professional licensed therapist. Years of experience. Compassionate, understanding and professional.


Toni – female – any age adult – any ethnicity

Recovering addict. Friends with Mike through the program.


Tony – male – any age adult – any ethnicity (5 and under)

Recovering addict. Friends with Mike through the program.


Party Guy – male – any age adult – any ethnicity (5 and under)

Addict, drunk. Not a nice guy. Only cares about doing drugs, having sex and keeping his job as a bookie to fuel his addiction. Pressures girls to get what he wants.

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