Auditions- Triumph of Love (Wash U Performing Arts and ASECS Conference Collaboration)

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Audition Announcement 

The Triumph of Love

Presented in collaboration with the Washington University Performing Arts Department and
The American Society of Eighteenth-Century Studies

General Auditions:
24 August (Saturday) – 12 noon to 3 pm – Hotchner Theatre on the campus of Washington University in St. Louis.
***Call backs will be 25 August (Sunday) — 12 noon to 3 pm

Sign Up:
To sign up for a 5 minute slot, please call or email: Serena Carvajal at the Performing Arts Department at Washington University
Phone: 314- 935- 5858

Production information:
Director: Bill Whitaker
Rehearsals begin: 18th of February on the Washington University campus. Location TBD.
Technical Rehearsals begin: 17th of March
Performances: (3 Shows) March 20th- 22nd at the .Zack Theatre. (
**This is a paid position, non-union talent only**

What to Prepare:
One 2 minute monologue. Preferably comedic and memorized. Ideally, please choose a monologue that demonstrates a skill for handling language. This would be a plus. Think text from Shaw, Moliere, Oscar Wilde, even Tom Stoppard. Classical pieces are good; a comedic Shakespeare monologue would work. It would be absolutely appropriate to select a piece from Marivaux’s works – even a piece from The Triumph of Love.
Please also bring a copy of your headshot and resume.

Casting policy:
We are committed to diversity, inclusion, and equity both on and off stage. We welcome actors of all genders/gender identities, ethnic and racial backgrounds, and abilities for all roles.


Character Breakdowns (3W, 4M):
Leonide/Phocion (Role for a Woman) She’s princess disguised as a young man – Phocion, a scholar seeking tutelage. In her 20s. Smart. She is remarkably charming, passionate, and articulate. She is nearly ruthless in seeking what she wants as far as matters of the heart go. She is fearless about tapping into her sensual nature and using her allure to get what she wants. Literally, she’s a heart breaker.

Corine/Hermidas (Role for a Woman) Leonide’s maid servant disguised as a young man and servant to Phocion. Twenties. Direct. Practical. Sassy at times even. She’s a young woman on a wild journey – sometimes afraid, other times seems to love the situations she’s encountering.

Hermocrates (Role for a Man) Scholar & Philosopher. Late 40s to early 60s. He’s renounced the passions for a life of reason. Austere and stoic, but simmering beneath it all is a man wondering if all his devotion to restraint has been a mistake. Has he missed his chance for love?

Leontine (Role for a Woman) Hermocrate’s sister. Late 30’s to mid 40s. She shares Hermocrate’s life of reason and restraint. She’s certain she’s “past it” as far as love is concerned, and like her brother, we see that she’s wondering if it’s all been worth it. Again, there’s a passion waiting to be set free here that even she is convinced would never see the light of day again.

Harlequin (Role for a Man) Hermocrate’s valet. Could range from late 20s – early 40s. He is mildly clownish and sometimes even clever – but he’s not your typical commedia buffoon. This guy can be fooled by others, and he’s got an “in over his head” vibe.

Dimas (Role for a Man) He’s a gardener. Could range from 30s to 60s. He’s fussy and volatile about outsiders, especially people who don’t obey rules and mess with his garden. He’s savvy when something is in it for him. He’s ready to work for you if the price is right.

Agis (Role for a Man) A Prince raised by Hermocrate. 20s. Handsome. Earnest. A naïve really. At times he may seem a little thick, but he’s been living in isolation since childhood and so he’s actually more clueless than stupid.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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