Male Actor (20s) Needed for Lead in Short Film “Love Rules”

Webster University Film Department

Synopsis: When a heartbroken college student makes a bucket list to get over his ex, his ideas of love are challenged with a new relationship.

Character: Tate (Lead Role)

Tate is a college student who lays around heartbroken. He cannot get over his ex-girlfriend who dumped him. His meek personality hinders his ability to progress romantically. He is a hopeless romantic, but finds that love is more confusing than he hoped for.

Name: Tate

Gender: Male

Playing Age: Mid 20’s

Other Physical Characteristics: College student with an average build

Auditions will be held on October 6&7 from 12-5 in the Sverdrup Building of Webster University. Send an email if you would like to come out, we would love to see many talented actors!

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