Auditions for Drama/Romane Short Film “My Choice”

Webster University

1. Title: “My Choice”

2. Summary: A woman who is trying to move on from past trauma in order to move forward and trust those that genuinely care for her.

3. Genre: Drama, Romance

4. Character Description: We have 1 Female Lead and 1 Male Lead.

Female Lead (Rose): Early or Mid -20s. She can’t seem to move on from her past. She is a bit of an overthinker. She goes back and forth a lot in her head. Trying to dig deep and figure out how she will move forward. She wants to feel safe enough to fully trust the people that genuinely care about her.

Male Lead (Louis): Early or Mid-20’s. A down to earth young man who is very faithful and patient. Wants to show his girlfriend that he cares but also wants to give her space in order for her to come and trust him on her own.

5. Location of audition (When and Where): Saturday, February 22nd, noon – 6pm. Where: Webster University, 470 E. Lockwood Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63119
Sverdrup Business/Technology
Complex. Email for more details. Email below.

6. Info about the Shoot: 2 day Shoot. Food will be provided. Transportation, if needed, will be provided.

7. Contact Info of Producer: Email: and


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