Auditions for [Fugazi] Short-film at Webster University

Webster University

[Fugazi] is a short-film written and directed by Malik Carter, a senior at Webster University, looking for actors of color.  Shooting will take place during the Spring of 2019. Auditions will be held at Webster University on January 5th and 6th from 12pm-4pm. To schedule an audition contact with a headshot and resume attached.


Two down and out young men devise a plan to rob a local internet entrepreneur, only to find out that the merchandise he’s been distributing is fake​.

JAZZ – [Male, Early 20’s]
A struggling man in his early 20s who resorts to stealing and cutting corners to make ends meet. One night he sees that a person he follows online is away from home on vacation and decides to rob his house under the assumption that it will be vacant.

[SWIN] – [Male, Early 20’s]
Having been recently fired from his job, and on the verge of being evicted from his home, Swin decides to crash at his extended families house while they are away on a luxurious vacation unbeknownst to them. One night after returning from a night of working odd jobs Swin catches Jazz red handed and apprehends him. With Jazz now in his custody Swin devises the plan to join forces and rob Cairo, a streetwear reseller who does business via various social media outlets.

*Must have valid driver’s license*

CAIRO – [Male, Mid 20’s]
A was once a well renowned Streetwear reseller whose business is now in the toilet. He spends his time doing whatever it takes to at least stay afloat at this point in his entrepreneurial ?endeavors and keep his girlfriend off his back.

ZEILA – [Female, Early 20’s]
Cairo’s girlfriend of 8 years. A hard-working RN, working on a post-grad degree in her field. She uses what she makes already working in the field to support herself and pay for school, as well as maintaining a side hustle.

JULIUS “JEWEL” – [Male, Mid 20’s]
Jewel is a mommas boy who has had life handed to him by his mother. He and his have nothing to worry about and he wants the world to know it.

JEWEL’S MOTHER – [Female, Middle Aged]
A financially secure single mother who loves her son a little bit too much.

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