Seeking female and Male (20-25) for lead role in “Leaving”

Webster University

Student film

Open casting call October 6th and 7th in the Webster Sverdrup building TV studio from 12-5pm.


Seeking adult female (20-25), and lead male (late 20’s) for lead role in student film called “Leaving” about a woman who is running from her problems that eventually catch up to her, causing her to make some tough decisions.


The female character’s name is Amelia: a 23 year old woman who left her old life behind.  She is energetic, quiet, stubborn, sensitive, but can put her foot down when needed.


The male character’s name is Oliver: a 20 something business owner that tries to convince Amelia to come home.  He is cocky, self-absorbed, hungry for success, but also shows his sensitive side to Amelia.

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