Webster University Senior’s Short Films- Jumpers/ The Box/ First Lie

Webster University

Webster University

Hello to all actors looking to be part of some senior overview films at Webster University! We have casting auditions for 3 films on:

Sunday, September 29th from 10 am till 3 pm

Monday, September 30th from 12 pm till 5 pm

Contact: Chance Whitlatch if interested! (email preferred)




The first film is:


Directed by: Jay Hinch

Shooting days: October 11th-13th, fallback optional days through October 21st-27th

This film is about astral projection and two characters, Lou and Ace, trying to defeat the corrupt science headquarters that made them how they are.

This film is looking for great diversity! This includes every gender(nonbinary) and any diversity! This also includes a few non-speaking roles.


Lou #1: No dialogue, agility, quick(possibly young 17-25 range)

Lou #2: No dialogue, older, trusting(man?)

Lou #3: Main Lou, heavy dialogue(woman?, mid-20s to mid-30s)

Lou #4: Busboy, trash boy, slim dialogue

Lou #5: Security Guard, older, dialogue

Lou #6: Doctor Lewis, older dialogue

Lou #7: Archibold, older, dialogue

Ace #1: Intern, heavy dialogue(woman?, mid-20s to mid-30s)

Ace #2: Doctor Morgan, older, dialogue

Worker #1: No dialogue, anyone

Front Desk Attendant: No dialogue, anyone


The second film is:

The Box

Directed by: Chance Whitlatch

Shooting Days: November 1st-3rd, extra fallback days November 4th-6th

This film is about a god-like figure being confronted by the religious figure on a dystopian island set in the late 17th century.


Jack: early to mid-20s, drunk, stubborn, god-complex

Stanley: early 30s, best friend of Jack, comforting, questioning

Salm: early 30s, clumsy, stumbling,

Adam: early to mid-30s, rugged, dirty, mean, grieving loss

Father Lawrence: mid to late 40s, religious figure, power


The Third Film is:

First Lie

Directed by: Alfie Danklefsen

Shooting Days: TBD

This film deals with heavy voiceover work and acting without talking.  It is a story about a boy growing up and giving up on his religion because he can’t be perfect. Then an old friend reaches out and tells him that she has met god personally.


Elijah: white, male, 18-30, thin build

Lucy: Any race, female, 18-30

God: Black, female, 25+


Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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