Casting Weekend at Webster University

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Hi actors! My name is Olivia Whitesides and I’m a student at Webster University currently producing two student films. One is called “every 40 seconds” and is a PSA about child safety, we need a child or young adult actor for the main part, and a mom, dad, and neighbor character, along with two kidnapper characters. The other film is called “flip” and I need a highschool or college aged boy and girl for the main characters, as well as same aged bullies and extra characters.

Please come to casting weekend, Saturday October 5th, at Webster University, auditions will be held 12-5pm in the Sverdrup building.

If you can’t make it, feel free to send me an email and we may be able to reschedule with you!

There are also auditions being hosted by several other producers for various student projects so feel free to come to check those out, if you need experience on set it’s a good opportunity! While the projects are unpaid, I can promise that we will produce high quality material for your portfolio and we will be a fun crew to work with!

I hope to see you there this Saturday!

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