Forever Young | Short Film – Male KIDS, Male Adults, Female Adult

Webster University

We are looking for two male adults, two male children, and one female adult to star in our short film titled “Forever Young”. One of the adult males is the leading role. All the other roles are supporting.

Constantly bogged down by paperwork reports in his career, and not spending enough time with his wife and kids, Will is unhappy with where he has ended up in life. However, one night when going through a box of drawings he made in elementary school, Will begins to imagine what his life would be like if he had grown up to be a cowboy, gladiator, or pirate…

Will (30-40), Lead, Male, White, Combed Over and Parted Hair – Has a career filling and sorting out paperwork for his job in sales and marketing. Doesn’t spend enough time with his wife and kids. Is unhappy with where he’s at in his life. Wishes he could’ve grown up to be a cowboy, gladiator, or pirate like he wanted to be when he was a kid. Hates his boss Kevin. Husband to Elizabeth. Father of Wyatt, Jack, and baby girl Lucy. Appears in every scene of the film. Will dress up as a cowboy, gladiator, and pirate.

Elizabeth (30-40), Supporting, Female, White, Long Hair – Is a stay at home Mom. Spends most of her time taking care of her and Will’s 3 year old daughter Lucy. She tries to balance out work around the house, with taking care of her children and showing affection towards her husband. Wife of Will. Mother of Wyatt, Jack, and Lucy. Appears in only 11 scenes of the film. Will dress up in a roman toga and as a pirate.

Wyatt (9-11), Supporting, Male, White – Ignores his brother Jack and doesn’t get along well with him. Plays on his electronic tablet most the time. Son of Will and Elizabeth. Older brother of Jack and Lucy. Appears in only 8 scenes of the film. Will dress up as a Roman peasant child and pirate.

Jack (7-9), Supporting, Male, White – Wants someone to play with like his Dad and brother Wyatt. Likes to play pretend and play with action figures. Doesn’t get along well with his brother Wyatt. Son of Will and Elizabeth. Brother of Wyatt and Lucy. Appears in only 8 scenes of the film. Will dress up as a Roman peasant child and pirate.

Kevin (35-45), Supporting, Male, White, Longer Hair – Is the head of his sales and marketing team. Wants employees to keep busy and always be working. Very rude and antagonizing. Boss of Will. Appears in only 4 scenes of the film. Will dress up as a wild west bandit and 1710’s English soldier.

NOTICE: By law, it is a REQUIREMENT that only one parent or legal guardian must be on set at all times with their child under the age of 18 during filming, and will need to be present on set while filming.

Auditions are Saturday, September 7th from 12p.m. – 5p.m. and Sunday, September 8th from 12p.m. – 5p.m. You may show up to audition on either day.

We ask that as a requirement you please bring a headshot(s) AND resume or short bio of your acting experience/training to your audition. You will also need to have a short monologue prepared and ready to perform in front of the Director/Producer, Casting Director, and Production Manager or Assistant Director.

Auditions will consistent of 3 different parts that will take place one right after the other:

1.   A short get to know each other interview/chitchat.

2.   Perform your short, already prepared, monologue.

3.   A few improvisation exercises with the Director.

NOTICE: “Forever Young” will be a 6 day shoot and will be shot over the course of two weekends in October. However, ALL SCENES INVOLVING CHILDREN will only be filmed during 5 of the 6 days of shooting, and will be no longer than 6 hours of a day for them. There is one scene each we will film on each of the Friday’s of filming, but the children won’t be scheduled to be on set until the evening in order to accommodate school and dinner schedules, and will wrap no later than 10p.m. those nights. The character of Kevin will film all of his scenes only on the two Sunday’s of filming.

Filming Dates for “Forever Young” are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 11th, 12th, and 13th, and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, October 18th, 19th, and 20th. The film will be shot mostly in the St. Louis area.

In addition to the six filming dates, there will be one Saturday or Sunday afternoon scheduled either the last or second to last weekend of September for a CAST READ THROUGH. On that day, the whole cast will go through the script, get to know each other, do some blocking, and have fun with food and games!

There will also be another day scheduled either the first weekend of October, or the last weekend of September for the cat members playing WILL and KEVIN to practice and go over sword fighting choreography for the pirate dream sequence.

Compensation will be Film Credit, meals at lunch and/or dinner for all six filming days, and a copy of the finished film for acting reels/resumes.

Location of Auditions:
Sverdrup Hall in Room 131
8300 Big Bend Blvd.,
St. Louis, MO, 63119

If interested in applying/auditioning and/or can’t make the auditions and have any questions, please fill free to contact the following:

Levi Gniotczynski, Producer/Director/Writer

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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