Open Auditions for Webster University Short Film, “Donut”

Webster University

Audition Call for Feature Film

February 23, 2019 12:00pm-5:00pm

Webster University, Sverdrup Hall 8300 Big Bend Blvd. – Room 131

Webster University is holding auditions for Ellie Spinney’s short film, “Donut”.  This film encompases an open-minded, bright young woman and her close-minded, secretive, male partner.  Where secrets buried deep, out of sight are brought to light, all within a single moment, in the early hour of morning. A dialogue heavy film that will take the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Main Characters:

Emily:  ( Female, early 20’s ) Bright young woman, with a creative mind and diverse way of thinking.  Tries to find the good in any situation. Living with her significant other, whom she has noticed growing distant.

Adrian:  ( Male, early to mid 20’s ) Young businessman who puts work ahead of all else.  Close-minded, literal thinker that does not sugarcoat. Has been growing distant from his significant other while indulging in acts of infidelity.


Please bring a clear head shot and a short bio of all your acting experience/training.  Upon arrival, you will be given a short selection of dialogue, which you will be expected to recite and act out, on camera, in front of several people.  You will be given limited time to practice before being auditioned.

Patience is required

If interested, contact me via phone or email


Paige Doetzel


Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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