Student Short Film “Gumballs”

Webster University


‘Gumballs’ is a short film, written and directed by Stephen Tronicek and produced by Joey Goldman.

Summary: A retired businessman descends into madness when a young man steals the one thing that makes him happy in life: Forcing his neighbor to pay him for picking up her sweet tree gumballs.

Character Breakdown:

~ GARY (60-75): Your typical man’s man. Like Don Draper aged into his 70’s. Charismatic and confident, but hiding a deep insecurity underneath everything. Money makes his world go around. Not incredibly tall.

~ MRS. CLARKE (60-75): Looks like the sweetest grandmother you ever had, but still has some bite. Kind but a little spineless.

~ MAX (Male, 30s) – Boisterous, joyful and almost completely earnest. Wants to do things simply for the joy of doing them.

When: Beginning of October; Dates TBD

We are accepting video auditions for ‘Gumballs’ until July 21st. The google drive link to the sides is:

The director has also requested actors to describe how they would block themselves in the scene. There is no financial compensation for this film.


Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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