Natural-Student Film

Webster University

Production Title: Natural

Union/Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Student Film

Project Length: Short Film (Maximum 10 minutes)

Project Location: St. Louis County

Genre: Drama

Shooting timeframe: Late October-Early November

Director: Joseph Tronicek

Producer: Nick Gallagher

Auditions Held On Zoom


Compensation: None, cast will receive credit, and a copy of the film, food will be provided.


“The Rapids” is a film about a couple in the times of Covid-19, after a few months in lockdown, must decide what the future of their relationship will hold. Jackson sees the next logical step to be children, so he orders a creepy baby doll and obsessively claims they must take care of it. Margot thinks they’re too young for children and wishes to get back to her life of adventure and freedom. Can they keep their relationship afloat?

Character Bios:

Margot, Female, Age: 20-30, any race

Margot is going through a lot, her husband has decided to bring a fake child in their lives, and may be going through a midlife crisis about 15 years too early. On top of that, she’s very extroverted and adventurous, though she’s currently forced into a life of confinement, and doing her best to keep it together, and keep her husband from falling apart, they’ve been getting at each other’s throats, and now she’s reaching a breaking point.

Jackson, Male, Age: 20-30, any race

Jackson is falling apart. He’s been kept inside for months, he hasn’t been able to do anything he used to do. He’s going a little stir crazy, so he has decided to order a fake baby on the internet, and taking care of it becomes the most important thing in his life. This baby could perhaps be a metaphor for himself and their marriage. He doesn’t know how to take care of himself at this moment, so he focuses all of his attention on the baby. Because they used to go on adventures all of the time, he’s worried that the only thing they had in common was their adventures.

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