Two Male KIDS and One Male Adult Needed | Short Film

Webster University

We are looking for one male adult, and two male children to star in our short film titled “The Duck and the Dragon”. The adult male is the leading role. All the other roles are supporting.

Separated from his wife, child therapist Vern teaches young Timothy the difference between what it means to be a bully, and how to be the bigger person in situations involving bullying.

Vern (30-40), Lead, Male, White, Scruffy Hair and Beard, Average Build – Is a Child Therapist. Talks with Timothy about his point of views on bullying and how to handle it. He re3flects on his own past with bullying while advising Timothy. Is separated from his wife for a bit after constant disagreement and arguments about the two having a child. Is the older version of Young Vern. Appears in 6 of the films 12 scenes.

Timothy (8-10) Supporting, Male, White, Messy Hair – Dresses casual for a boy his age. Has a bit of anger and rage within him from being bullied. Is quiet and keeps to himself. He has a bit of a stutter/speech impediment. Talks about being bullied with Vern while also listening to and comforting Vern. Appears in 8 of the films 12 scenes.

Young Vern (15-18) Supporting, Male, White, Scruffy Hair – Is the younger version of adult Vern. Is filled with anger and rage from being bullied. Bullies the neighborhood bully. Is guilty for injuring the neighborhood bully and setting a bad example for his younger brother. Appears in 3 of the films 12 scenes.

NOTICE: By law, it is a REQURIEMENT that only one parent or legal guardian must be on set at all times with their child under the age of 18 during filming, and will need to be present on set while filming.

Auditions are Saturday, January 25th from 12p.m. – 5p.m. and Sunday, January 26th from 12p.m. – 5p.m. You may show up to audition on either day.

We ask that as a requirement you please bring a headshot(s) and resume or short bio of your acting experience/training to your audition. A ‘side’ from the script will be provided for you to perform in front of the director and producer(s) while being filmed on camera.

NOTICE: “The Duck and the Dragon” will be a 3 day shoot. However, ALL SCENES INVOLVING CHILDREN will be no longer than 8 hours of a day for them. There is one scene that will film on the one Friday of filming, but the children won’t be scheduled to be on set until the evening in order to accommodate school and dinner schedules, and will wrap no later than 10p.m. that night.

Filming Dates for “The Duck and the Dragon” are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd. The film will be shot mostly in the St. Louis area.

Compensation will be Film Credit, meals at lunch and/or dinner for all three filming days, and a copy of the finished film for acting reels/resumes.

Location of Auditions:
Sverdrup Hall in Room 131
8300 Big Bend Blvd.,
St. Louis, MO, 63119

If interested in applying/auditioning and/or have any questions, please fill free to contact the following:

Levi Gniotczynski, Producer

Mason Beck, Director

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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