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I am looking for male actors to audition for a short film.

I have recently moved to St Louis, I’m quite new to the film & theatre vibe in town and do not know many people yet.
I have been working in film and theatre for more than 15 years.
I am now working on a short film and I am looking for an actor to play the lead.
The story is written by an award winning playwright from Europe.
Character description:
ERIC: “Caucasian, Asian or Latino, 25-35; computer guy, but not too geeky; loner, but bright; one who lightens up quickly and has a good sense of humor; provokes sympathy, but can be too sensitive and fragile at times.
(The other lead SARA is 25-35, African-American – I already have an actress).
The synopsys:
Eric and Sara meet while wandering on an open air roof of a parking lot in Downtown St Louis. They are both in a low moment in their life, Covid19 quarantine is effective (but far from being their focus) and it feels like there’s nobody but them left in an empty city. She is a singer who wouldn’t sing anymore. He is alienated, working endless hours at home.
Despite coming from different worlds, they connect and start meeting every night on different rooftops. Every night one has to have a surprise for the other. And little by little their connection brings the best out of them and might just lead to something bigger.
If you are interested, please send me pictures and a brief introduction video (a showreel if you have one would be great too) before I can invite you for an audition reading.
Please send to
We’ll shoot 4 to 5 hours, 8pm to around midnight, four or five (ideally consecutive) nights, the first or second week of July.
Apart from the professional crew and gear it is a no budget production and we can pay a symbolic 100$ per night.
My goal and expectations for the film is to make it at serious film festivals, then short film VoD platforms and eventually the Amazon Prime or Netflix short films sections.
Outside of the symbolic pay I believe this is an opportunity for a very special exposure, building up your showreel and resumé and enjoying the experience.
You are welcome to check out my work on

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