URGENT CALL: 18-24 Year old Female Needed for Comedic Supporting Role in Indie Superhero Film

FilmsKayCee productions


Title of Movie: RAVE


Description: Leona is main character Elaine Morgan’s best friend and studio mixer who fine tunes her songs to sound polished and even helps her out when Elaine becomes “RAVE”. Leona is often the type to throw in a humorous quip and even deals humorously with Elaine’s little sister Carol at times.


Must have flexible availability

Must have comedic qualities

Must be able to act funny, stressed, scared, angered, calming, like a “bestie”

Must be available March 10th and March 17th.

Must be available to travel to Fredericktown, Missouri twice for filming

Ethnicity: Any

Movie Release Date: July 25th, 2019

Send Video of Audition to theofficialrezr@gmail.com or contact 573-944-0636 for more details

Audition Lines:

“You took it upon YOURSELF to save two lives when nobody else in that club was giving a shit. Here’s a thought. What if you DIDN’T play hero last night. Let’s say you did call the cops or you ran to get someone…but the second you got help, it was already too late. Think about THAT. Look, people were hurt last night. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I know. But thanks to you, everyone in that club woke up this morning. Everyone’s alive”

“Okay, okay, let’s…(grabs Elaine and leads her AWAY from the recording gear) …go over here and…”

“My job is to make sure YOUR vision is crafted the way you want it. You’re making the burger, I’m just putting on the secret sauce.”

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