4 Female Actresses and 1 Male Actor Needed for Short Film

Sydney Kay Pro.

Title: 3411 Baxter Rd

A short narrative film centered around a college senior in her 20’s and a working woman in her 50’s. The narrative bounces back and forth between the two women, demonstrating a morning in both of their lives. They battle different obstacles before they cross paths.

This is a Webster University Senior Overview project. It is a drama short film set in the Saint Louis suburbs, shooting is planned for late February or early March.

Violet (Female, 20’s) (Any ethnicity) College student in her last semester, she can be bullheaded at times but has a big heart for the people she cares for. She has two roommates that are her best friends and support system.

Millie (Female, 50’s to 60’s) (Any ethnicity)  Working woman, she spends most of her time living in her past. She is unhappy with where she has ended up in life, but still, she chooses to wake up every day and keep going.

Darcy (Female, 20’s) (Any ethnicity)  College student, a perky and fun girl who is always sweet and wants the best for her friends, though she often takes a backseat for Dylan to do the talking.

Dylan (Female, 20’s) (Any ethnicity) College student, a generally chill and relaxed person. She is very intelligent and considerate of her friends but can seem closed off to those who don’t know her well.

Dan (Male, 50’s to 60’s) (Any ethnicity) The late husband of the older woman, we see him while the old woman imagines she is dancing with him. This role has no lines.

If interested please send a headshot and resume to sydneyks.photo@gmail.com. Any people chosen for final consideration will need to submit a video audition.

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