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As actors we need to be challenged and exercised to keep us at our best. And many times, before that first big job comes along, or in between jobs, we aren’t doing what we need to do to stay sharp and focused so that when opportunities DO come up, we can meet the challenge. Private sessions allow me as your coach to keep working with and pushing you to be your best. Whether we’ve determined you need to work to further and examine basic scene study and character development, camera technique and understanding, audition techniques or advanced text or emotional study, there is simply no better way to improve as an actor than through private sessions. If you are brand new to the business, let’s discuss how to get started in this market or elsewhere. If you are looking to take your career and skills to another market, let’s come up with a plan of action to put you in the best position for success.

Audition preparation & self-taping services also available

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