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We book over 200 performances of our mystery dinner theater shows every year and have been doing so since 1994.  Our shows are well written and funny, 3/4 scripted and 1/4 improvised, performed by a two-person cast playing multiple parts with audience members playing bit parts.  We perform at venues in St. Louis and within a four hour radius of St. Louis – sometimes even going farther afield (as far as Minnesota and Vermont to perform on dinner trains).

If you have stage acting, stand up comedy or improv experience, and if you have a very strong stage presence, send your headshot and resume.  We pay well and always provide additional compensation and single hotel rooms if you’re traveling.

This is “illegitimate theater” and not for the faint of heart.  It’s more like vaudeville than Broadway.  But if you’re a ham and love making people laugh, you could make a very good living at this.

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