About Us

Welcome to St. Louis Auditions,

I have been working hard at redesigning www.stlauditions.com the past few months and I hope you enjoy the new experience. 

Hundreds of hours were spent not only with graphic designers and website programmers but with local creative people like yourself.  Feedback from directors, producers, agents and actors helped directly shape the new look and interface of St. Louis Auditions.  And I am excited to offer you what I think will fast become your favorite new local resource. 

Some of the website's new features:


The new www.stlauditions.com also delivers new opportunities for students, audiences and professionals in the performing arts.

I am excited to announce a partner to St. Louis Auditions.  Her new co-star is called St. Louis Audiences and you can find her at www.stlaudiences.com.

St. Louis Audiences provides the user the opportunity to find discounted theatre tickets, special film screenings, free cultural performances and other not-to-be-missed audience opportunities. It will also keep the local creative type connected to classes and workshops offered in all the performing arts.

Enjoy the new websites and let me know what you think about it!


Ed Reggi
Producer of St. Louis Auditions

P.S. Break-a-leg on your next audition and I personally hope you land the job.  And don't forget to tell them that St. Louis Auditions sent you.