The Great Migration Journey

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A Call to Conscience Interactive Theater for Social Change is auditioning for “The Great Migration Journey”.  The play recounts  individual stories of hardship & triumph of African Americans  pushed out by an increasingly hostile environment of Jim Crow racism, left lives behind in the South and ventured north in search of employment opportunity and equality.  The stories re-counted through narrative, music, and slides, describes true accounts of both individual lives and collective experiences of people who participated and witnessed the Great Migration firsthand.

Available roles:

Conductor- African American male, early 30’s – 40’s

Ida Mae- African American woman, mid 30’s – 50’s

Fannie Mae- African American Woman, mid 30’s – 60’s

Jessie Mae-African American woman, early 20’s

Stephanie- Caucasian woman, early 20’s

George Starling- African American male, early 30’s -40’sr

African American Male – early 20’s – 30’s for various supporting roles

Auditions will be held Monday, January 6th, 6:30 – 8pm; Schlafly Branch Library, 225 N. Euclid Ave., St. Louis, MO.

Rehearsals start January 13th. The play will be performed February 15 -16, 2020 @ the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.   Actors auditioning will be required to prepare a monologue and read from the script.  If you would like to audition please email to schedule an appointment. If cast, actors will be paid!!


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