THEORY OF MIND casting for Short Film

A Travis Production

🎬•C A S T I N G • C A L L•🎬


Writer & Director: Lauren Belk
Producer: Travis Haughton

Saturday, February 22 – 12:00pm-6pm

Sunday, February 23rd – 12:00pm-5pm

🏢WHERE: 8300 Big Bend
Sverdrup Hall in the TV Studio (ROOM 131)

❗️Email to book your audition today❗️

🎭•R O L E S • L I S T E D • B E L O W•🎭

Name: NATE
Gender: Male
Age: Late 40s to early 50s
Race: OPEN
Description: Nate is a single father, working multiple jobs to support his teenage daughter, Lucy.
He is desperate for any financial help he can get, and is trying to learn how to best deal with her when she has her breakdowns.
He has left work early to pick Lucy up from school after she has gotten into trouble and is frustrated about losing some pay for the day, but wants to be there to help his daughter.

Name: LUCY
Gender: Female
Age: 18-25
Race: OPEN
Description: Lucy is Nate’s teenage daughter with high functioning autism who gets into a fight at school, doesn’t make eye contact unless necessary, and pulls away from physical contact she doesn’t initiate.

She is very smart academically, but hyper-focuses on things that makes her happy, so she comes off as a bit childish and immature.

❗️❗️Again any questions, comments, or concerns you can email Travis Haughton, the producer for “Theory of Mind” at <<<❗️❗️

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