9 Dancer Roles for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

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Celebrating our 26th Anniversary Season.

Dancers, (Interpretive/Jazz, etc), and One role for a Belly-Dancer, Dancers who can sing/carry a tune are highly encourage to audition.  There are NINE roles that highly showcase dancing skills.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum
Performance Dates: November 1, 2, 3 & 8, 9, 10
Book by Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbart
Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
Director: Paul James
Musical Director: Derick Featherston

ALL Roles ARE OPEN AND AVAILABLE. Ages are flexible and all genders will be considered for Courtesan and Protean roles.

(See https://www.acttwotheatre.com/auditions/ for complete info and online audition sign-up form.)

*Gymnasia- (Greek for “Athletic”) An amazon like courtesan from the house of Lycus with whom Pseudolus falls in love.
*Vibrata- (Latin for “Vibrant”) A wild, vibrant courtesan in the house of Locus. Belly-dancing skills HIGHLY DESIRED for this role.
*Tintinabula-(Latin for “Bells”) A jingling, bell-wearing courtesan in the house of Lycus.
*Geminae-TWO ROLES.  (Latin for “Twins”) Twin courtesans in the house of Locus. Two dancer/actors with similar appearance, or actual twins highly desired for these two roles.
*Panacea- (Greek for “Cure All”) A courtesan in the house of Lycus. A face that can say a thousand words and a body that can hold a thousand promises.
*Proteans-THREE ROLES- Choristers who play multiple roles (slaves, citizens, soldiers, and eunuchs). They accompany Pseudolus in “Comedy Tonight”. On Broadway, three people played all of these roles.  These are slapstick and highly physical roles with some singing, some lines, and lots of fun physicality.

*Note: All Courtesans and Proteans are the primary dancers in the show. Dance experience required, and Gymnastic abilities are helpful.

Compared to most other Sondheim musicals, the music in forum is fairly easy to learn and sing.

Most characters require light dancing ability, although certain characters (especially the courtesans) should have very strong dance skills. Performers who wish to play the role of Vibrata should have bellydancing experience, if possible.

During the song “Comedy Tonight” there are various references to tumblers, jugglers and other circus-type stuff. Having juggling and tumbling skills would definately be an asset.

AUDITIONS on the evenings of
Tuesday, August 13 and Wednesday, August 14.
(and August 15, only if needed, and after all slots fill for August 13 and 14.)

See https://www.acttwotheatre.com/auditions/ for complete info and online audition sign-up form.

AUDITIONS: Bring your AUDITION FORM filled out in advance. DOWNLOAD at: https://www.acttwotheatre.com/auditions/

Bring sheet music and be prepared to sing 16-32 bars of a traditional Broadway style show tune/upbeat song. (No pop music, No a Capella) You will also be expected to read from the script, possibly. Sides will be provided when you arrive. No monologues. All roles are available and open.

Make sure your sheet music is flat and out of your book so that the accompanist can minimize page turns.  If your music is in a book, please make copies of the needed pages so that the accompanist can lay it flat and not need to wrestle with a book that wants to snap shut.  These are important and expected courtesies when auditioning.

CALLBACKS, by invite only, select roles on SATURDAY, August 17 at assigned times between 10am and 2pm for an assigned song and sides. Actors called-back on SATURDAY will also be requested to attend Dance Call on Sunday with possible added sides for select scenes thereafter.

CALLBACKS continue on Sunday, August 18, with Dance Call for ALL actors called-back at NOON, and an assigned song and/or assigned sides from 1-5pm.

IMPORTANT:  Bring your Audition Form filled out in advance to your audition.

Roles are available for 8+- women and 10+- men. All roles are available and open.

MORE INFO AND SIGN-UP FOR AN AUDITION TIME: https://www.acttwotheatre.com/auditions/

Considered by many to be the funniest musical ever written, FORUM has no shame in what it will do for a laugh—sight gags, running jokes, vaudeville, slap stick, impossible disguises—you name it. It all takes place in ancient Rome when a young man falls in love with the girl-for-sale next door. His servant steps in to help him out, but this servant holds back nothing. Whatever it takes, he will make his young master happy. The plot is easy to follow but too hard to explain here. Just believe us—FORUM will delight you with its charming songs, flirty dances, hilarious characters, and its innocence. One of the funniest musicals ever written, Forum promises: “Something for everyone: a comedy tonight!”


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