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Searching for actors and one actress to fill roles in the student short film “Playing for Keeps.”

Logline: High school football star Jackson faces a tough choice – keep hiding his secret boyfriend, or risk it all for love. As the pressure mounts and emotions flare, Jackson’s on a rollercoaster of relationship drama, awkward family moments, and self-discovery that could change the game both on and off the field.

Characters Casting:

Jackson — Boyfriend to Parker and “boyfriend” to Lydia. Struggling to come to terms with coming out, worried that his father won’t accept him. His main hobby is football, he loves it. He’s the “star” quarterback. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to be great and to uphold a standard of greatness. Deep down, he’s jealous of how easily Parker makes decisions and decides things without thinking about how it will possibly affect others.

Mike — Jackson’s father. Paula’s husband. Loves his son but is not a very emotional guy, he doesn’t speak to Jackson much at all, and if he does it is mainly about football. Mike does not realize the toll this takes on Jackson.

Coach Miller — Jackson’s high school football coach. He looks intimidating but is actually really nice, and does not put a lot of pressure on his team.

Paula — Jackson’s mother. Mike’s wife. Loves her son unconditionally and has never made him feel otherwise. Paula does not speak in this role, but the actress portraying her needs to be capable of exuding kindness and love in every scene she is in.

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