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Clayton Community Theatre announces open auditions for Eurydice (you-RID-ih-see) by Sarah Ruhl, directed by Jessa Knust.

Auditions: Thursday, November 8, 7:00pm and Saturday, November 10, 10:00am

First rehearsal: Week of November 26 (tentative)

Performances: February 7-10 and 14-17, 2019

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Sides will be available at the audition and at Auditions will be held at the theater: Washington University South Campus Theatre (the old CBC High School building), 6501 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO, 63117.

Auditioners are encouraged to download the audition form from and fill it out in advance.


This “weird and wonderful” (New York Times) adaptation of the Greek myth of the musician Orpheus and his wife, Eurydice, ruminates on love, loss, and the power of memory. Unlike most re-tellings of the myth, this play is told from Eurydice’s perspective. When Eurydice meets an untimely death on her wedding day, she travels to the Underworld and loses her memory in the River of Forgetfulness. She encounters her father, who has retained his memory. With his assistance, Eurydice regains her memory of the life that she once lied and rebuilds her relationship with her father. Meanwhile, Orpheus determinedly tries to make contact with his wife. He eventually makes his way to the Underworld, where he convinces the Lord of the Underworld to permit him to take Eurydice back. Torn between her love for her husband and her father, Eurydice must decide if she will stay in the Underworld with her father, or return to her life with Orpheus.


Eurydice: Female. 20-30. Thoughtful, cerebral, loves books, philosophy, and debating ideas. Is frequently frustrated with Orpheus’s preoccupation with his music, but loves him and is proud of his talents.

Orpheus: Male. 20-30. A great musician and composer. Rarely thinks of anything other than his music, but loves Eurydice.

Father: Male. 45-65. Has been dead for some time. Patient and loving, he re-teaches Eurydice everything she once knew and helps her to regain her memory.

Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld: Male. 25-45. Dual role. The Nasty Interesting Man exists in the Overworld as an envoy of the Lord of the Underworld, and lures Eurydice to her death. He is cunning, charismatic, and devious. The Lord of the Underworld is all of this, plus diabolical and totalitarian, like a bossy child, in his ruling of the Underworld.

Chorus of Stones: 3 total (Big Stone, Little Stone, Loud Stone). Any gender. Any age (18+). Not actual stones, but denizens of the Underworld, dead so long that they’ve forgotten what it was like to be human (or have they?). The Stones police Eurydice’s and the Father’s behavior and conversations, in an effort to enforce the rules of the Underworld. The Stones provide comic relief and commentary on the actions of the other characters.

Ages listed are the approximate ages of the characters. Actors of any age who can play these ranges will be welcomed. CCT is committed to developing a diverse community of artists. Actors of all experience levels and backgrounds are encouraged to audition.

Bonus – everyone who auditions will receive a complimentary ticket to any CCT production this season!

Questions? Contact Jessa Knust at

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