Upcoming Horror Short Film

Krista Biggar

Casting call for an upcoming horror short film!

*This gig is unpaid and on a volunteer basis, however, credits will be given in the film and on IMDB*

Title: Rosewood


As a killer rips through the peaceful town of Rosewood, an interconnected group of high school seniors get picked off one by one, finally revealing the identity of the murderer.

Casting for (2) college-age females, and some extras at a party.


Lead: Mia

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Any

Playing the age of: 18

Description: The antagonist who’s partially mean girl and partially best friend to a couple of the other girls. She’s sassy yet realistic and loves a good party. Has a bad bitch scene toward the end of the film with some action and blood.


Lead: Ashley

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Any

Playing the age of: 18

Description: The girlfriend of a football player, Jacob, and ex-best friend to Tracy (the girl who was killed). She’s trying to figure out if Tracy’s boyfriend did it or if it could potentially be someone else. Has a fun slow-motion dance scene all to herself.



Gender: Any

Ethnicity: Any

Playing the age of: 18


*All roles must be okay with makeup and fake blood*

Please send an email with which role you would like to audition for (with your headshot and resume) and I will send you the sides to that role and an audition form. Filming dates are being determined and will happen sometime in March and April 2023 (TBD).

Auditions will go through part of February and will be scheduled through email. They will take place over Zoom.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you.

Krista B.

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    Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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