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Are you an actor or model looking to work on camera or audition for agencies?On Friday, November 15th at 4:30pm, Limelight Studio will provide a free Q&A session, in which we will explain the current market for talent and the smartest ways to get into the business of on-camera work. If you are curious about the industry and acting/modeling options for you or your child, or have auditioned unsuccessfully for agencies, this event is for you!

If you would like personal attention, you can schedule a 15-minute consultation/portfolio review for after the session, for a fee of $25.  We can be more specific regarding options for your “type,” and can review any headshots/portfolio images you may already have, with constructive advice on your potential and what you may need to do to find success.  Email Lance@LTphoto.us to schedule a consultation.

Limelight Studio has been the go-to studio for St. Louis talent for 15 years.  We have worked with agencies and talent coast to coast and have helped countless actors and models get their start.  The studio is in St. Charles at 1342 Bass Pro Drive.

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