Looking for Live Music Performers of Various Music Genres

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Greeting you wonderful talented musicians out there.

My name is Isa Shakur, the writer and lead actor of the Black God Father Of St. Louis Movie. This is a Sci-Fi Gangsta Movie, think New Jack City Meets the Matrix and on July 30,2021 7pm to 11pm we are looking for local musicians,singers,spoken word poets,conscious hip-hop artists,rock n roll singers,comedians and dancers of all races and nationalities but atleast 25 years old and older to perform in our movie scene event.

Due to this being a vary special event, the very first scene of the Movie that people will see when they enter the movie theater and see this movie in a few months, we require all artists bring atleast 10 people to see them and cheer them on, yes bring a crowd. There will be a 10 ticket pre-sale requirement and if you are an artist with a healthy fanbase of hundreds to thousands, then 10 people should not be an issue. These 10 people must already purchased their tickets  2 weeks before the Players Ball to lock in your performance. Now if you get more than the 10 required people to buy a ticket, then you get to collect $10 Cash from starting with the 11th ticket they purchase,you got 20 more people? That’s $200 in your pockets but always remember 25 years older and the O.G. and Diva dress code. Now as a performer you get  a cameo performance in the movie,get a photo shoot,Nubian Senate Records Radio host  interview,banquet meal, and get voted or first prize(Cash Prize)second prize(Free Studio Time), and third prize performance(Paid Cali Tour  with the Black God Father OF St. Louis Cast Agreement). If this sounds like the opportunity you have been looking for then Nubian Alchemy Filmz right now!   See you there!

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