The Lost Phone (Student Film)

Southwestern Illinois College (Belleville)

Directed by: Tyrell Glass

A silent student film, produced by Southwestern Illinois College.

Shooting Dates: March 28th & March 30th

Logline: A college student begins to spiral into a panic after believing their phone to have been stolen.

Character Breakdowns:

– Jaiden – 18-25/male/any ethnicity

Jaiden is a college student who loses his cellphone. He is very erratic and quick to anger; an absolute spaz.

– Jackie – 18-25/female/any ethnicity

Jackie is Jaiden’s friend who offers her help to find the missing cellphone. She is a laid back, easygoing college student.

– Mark – 18-25/male/any ethnicity

Mark, Jaiden’s rival and college classmate, is a dull, oblivious airhead who struggles to differentiate between his own cellphone and somebody else’s.

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