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Strangers Project



A site-specific project


STRANGERS is a site-specific play designed specifically for the Southhampton neighborhood in South City, St. Louis.

The Set-Up

A small, invited audience will be asked to meet at an undisclosed (until day of), yet public location. They arrive and introductions are made. A host will be present and will guide the audience through the experience.

The audience will be given simple instructions by our host: “When I move…you move. When we stop, make sure everyone can see.”

What our audience doesn’t realize is that the play has already begun.

The Play

Two strangers connect. They are pulled in opposite directions. How do we get them back together?

STRANGERS unfolds over the next 45 minutes; less like a performance, and more like an immersive adventure. The audience unlocks each step of the story. Immediately it will be unclear who is a character in the play and who is pedestrian/patron/passer-by. There will be many surprises, obstacles, and mysteries to unravel and solve.

With an open mind and a playful spirit, this labyrinth will only get more and more complex and the audience will, eventually, have to work together to reach the finale.

The Pitch

As we re-enter the realm of live performance, we must not forget that theatre can be alive, electric and urgent; “…all that’s required is an empty space and someone to walk across it for an act of theatre to be engaged.” -PB

This ensemble will be heavily diverse. All races, ethnicities, from all backgrounds are strongly encouraged to come play in this sandbox.


Fall 2021


A diverse ensemble of actors that can think on their feet, lean into risk, and are excited about the idea of an adventure. Many of the characters in the play will be customized to the specific actor playing the part. Some roles are paid.


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