Non-Equity Auditions for The Black Rep’s 45th Anniversary Season

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The St Louis Black Repertory company will hold auditions for season 45. Please prepare two contrasting contemporary monologues that do not exceed 3 minutes, as well as your headshot and resume.

Auditions will be in-person starting at 6pm-8pm. To receive a slot please email with your headshot resume and you will receive a confirmation.

Auditions will be indoors at The Black Rep
offices. 6662 Olive Blvd. University City, MO

First Rehearsal: August 17, 2021
Previews: September 8-9, 2021
Open: September 10, 2021
Close: September 26, 2021

Evan – 40s, M, African American Calm, focused, and professional.
Jason – 21-29, M, White American of German descent Enjoys life but has buried resentments.
Chris – 21-29, M, African American Open, generous, and has aspirations.
Oscar – 22-30, M Colombian-American Hard worker, looking for better things.
Stan – 50’s, M White American of German descent Has a limp. Peacemaker. Wise anchor of the community.
Tracey – 45-53, F, White American of German descent Likes a good time with her friends. “A laugher,” but fierce when she feels betrayed.
Cynthia – 45-53, F, African American Loves her friends, but feels her age, and wants something better for herself and her family.
Jessie – 40s. F. Italian-American. A loyal friend. Has unexpressed longings. Frequently drunk.
Brucie – 40s, M, African American A union man out on a long strike, trying hard to fend off despair.

Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea
First Rehearsal: December 21, 2021
Previews: January 12-13, 2022
Open: January 14, 2022
Close: January 30, 2022

DONTRELL JONES III (M, 18, Black) Heir to a haunting and powerful legacy.
ERIKA – (W, 21, White) A lifeguard and Dontrell’s soul mate.
DAD (Dontrell Jones Jr.) – (M, 40s, Black) Dontrell’s father.
MOM (Sophia Jones) – (W, 40s, Black) Dontrell’s mother.
DANIELLE – (W, 17, Black) Dontrell’s little sister.
SHEA – (W, 30s, Black) Dontrell’s cousin on his father’s side.
ROBBY- (M, 19, Black) Dontrell’s best friend and an honorary member of the family.

First Rehearsal: January 18, 2022
Previews: February 9-10, 2022
Open: February 11, 2022
Close: March 20, 2022

Olivia: F, Black, early 30’s, she’s weary, it’s as if she’s carrying the weight of this fiery world, she writes a lot, she smokes a lot, she stares off a lot, she hears bombs a lot
Charles: M, Black, early 30’s, he’s a preacher. Though he drinks a lot, it’s something about him that
we like, that makes us feel like he’s the type of man that can lead people through the smoke and into the Promised Land.

Behind the Sheet
First Rehearsal: February 22, 2022
Previews: March 16-17, 2022
Open: March 18, 2022
Close: April 3, 2022

PHILOMENA – black, mid to late 20s, female. Slave and doctor’s assistant, later medical patient.
Nurturing, smart, aware of everything. Feel great depths but has to swallow everything.
GEORGE – white, 30s, male. From Alabama. Doctor and plantation owner. Charming. Driven. Intellectually curious.
JOSEPHINE – white, mid to late 20s, female. From Alabama. Wife of plantation owner, but really runs everything. Strong, but wounded.
DINAH – black, early to mid-30s, female. Slave and medical patient. Strong-willed, standoffish, but warm on the inside.
SALLY – black, late teens-late 20s, female. Slave and medical patient. Stubborn, witty, and tells it like it is.
MARY – black, late teens-late 20s, female. Slave and medical patient. Optimistic and nurturing.
BETTY – black, early 20s, female. Slave. One of the youngest. Haughty, standoffish.
BENJAMIN/LEWIS – black, late 20s to early 30s, male. Slave. Charismatic, driven, loves deeply.
SAMUEL/EDWARD—white, mid 20s to mid-30s, male. Doctor-in-training and plantation owner. Inquisitive, confident, and eager.

First Rehearsal: April 19, 2022
Previews: May 11-12, 2022
Open: May 13, 2022
Close: May 29, 2022

Becker – 60’s, A well-respected man who runs the jitney station
Doub – 40-70, A longtime jitney driver and Korean War veteran.
Rena – 18-30, Youngblood’s girlfriend and mother of their young son.
Turnbo – 18-60, A jitney driver who is always interested in the business of others.
Booster – Early 40’s, Becker’s son, recently released from prison.
Shealy – 18-40, A numbers taker who often uses the jitney station as his base.
Youngblood – Mid-late 20’s, A jitney driver and Vietnam veteran.
Fielding – 20-60, A driver, notorious for being a gossip.
Philmore – 18-60, a local hotel doorman and a frequent jitney passenger.

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