Now Casting-Lead Female Role: Maria

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Age: 25-30

Ethnicity: African American
Build & Height: 5’8 to 5’11; Slender Build.
Education: Educated
Personality: Seductive/Self-Serving Manipulative/Narcissistic/slightly vapid


Maria is very close to Casey (Girlfriend) & Nash. She does not like to be ignored. She is not above using sex to get what she wants. Maria likes to be kept, but also does not like people to think they possess her. She betrays Casey to Nash, and Betrays Nash to Casey. Maria knows Velma can see through her, therefore she and Velma do not get along.

Maria has and addictive personality and uses drugs and sex to cope when she feels things are spiraling out of her control. Which is why she betrays Nash when he reminds her she owes him a life debt.

Maria dresses smart & clean in tight fitting designer outfits. however, she is mindful of being Casey’s girlfriend and does not dress too outlandish, to avoid him lashing out at her about her outfits. Maria loves labels and is not afraid to let someone know the expense of her outfit.

Maria doesn’t drink, but she does use Valium and other recreational drugs to mellow out.

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