Casting Call – March 5th – Feature Film “Rock Botton”

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Project Title: ROCK BOTTOM
Project Type: Feature Film

Project Synopsis: A recent college-grad, Ash Schechter, experiences the worst day of his life as he struggles to confront his perfect brother’s wedding, his fed-up ex-boyfriend, his near-death dog, and his draconic father, all the while trying to stave off the traumatic memory of his former employer, Magnus Blaire, who got him into this whole mess to begin with.

Dates: Casting call is scheduled for Sunday, March 5th, 2023 from 3:00pm-6:00pm on the 3rd Floor of the Danforth University Center (DUC 357) Harvey Media Center Video Production Studio on WashU’s campus. Must be available second and third weekend in April, 2023.

Requirements: No screen acting experience is required, although some former participation in productions (theatre or screen) is highly preferable. Time requirements listed above are mandatory and non-negotiable. Actor/actress must perform a portion of the Rock Bottom script during auditions; use the contact information below to ask the director for a sample.

Contact Info:
Phone: 847-840-3757

Character Breakdown:
ASH SCHECHTER: 23, male, slender, average height, gay. Once a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed straight-A graduate of Brown, Ash is now a dejected, cynical, and self-destructive loafer. While wildly intelligent and perceptive, he rarely turns his gaze inward on his own faults and actions for fear that he will uncover himself to be just as vain and purposeless as those around him. As such, he often shields himself behind alcohol and projects insecurities and revulsion onto those around him, thinking of himself as the victim. While it is true that, in some ways, Ash has been dealt a bad hand, he cannot face the fact that his own agency and impulsive behavior has exacerbated his situation. No clearer is this than in his relationship with his father who consistently reminds Ash of the man he wants to be, even if he refuses to accept this is the case, which is why, at every turn, he tries to get a rise out of his father, to reveal he is really a bigoted, self-centered dolt, because then all of his father’s valid criticisms would be nullified.

DR. SAMUEL SCHECHTER: 50s, male, fit, Jewish. A proud, if overly captious, father of two successful sons, although his favor tends to be more aligned with the less complicated one which is invariably Oscar. A widely revered cardiologist who believes the utmost virtues are duty, graciousness, austerity, and courtesy, and while he never curses, his feathers are easily ruffled by
anyone who doesn’t adhere to his standards. Despite this, and his struggle to express it, he would never prioritize his own interests over his sons’ and would always do his best to help them, even if the help he provides is misguided or even harmful.

MAGNUS BLAIRE: 40s, male, chiseled. A true Adonis in mind, body, and spirit, and is well aware of it. Commands the attention of every person in a room, even if he says very little. If Satan worked in corporate America, his name would be Magnus Blaire. He hides a repulsive degree of vanity, entitlement, and narcissism behind a thick veneer of dutifulness, sincerity, and magnanimity. There are few things that would result in this façade being broken, but any direct
antagonism against his image or authority would surely do the trick.

B: early-20s, non-binary, lean. Ash’s oldest and best friend and the only one who can outsmart him. They are foul-mouthed, abrasive, and authoritative, but, in this way, also the most sincere, genuine person Ash knows. They are the definition of independent, feeling that they owe no one anything and do not fear alienating anyone with their disclosure of the truth, yet they would never
dream of treating human beings as objects.

BUZZ: early-30s, male, portly, broad. Oscar’s oldest friend. He is an oafish, clumsy, ill-spoken Goliath of a man, and while he often relies on others’ help and their persistent leniency towards his childishness, he is also eternally gracious, good-hearted, and sentimental toward the Schechter family. He requires many favors but is quick to extend one himself. It is difficult to tell whether he hit his prime in high school or has yet to even scratch the surface of what life will
offer him, and perhaps this is why he is so nervous all the time, or perhaps it’s because he consistently feels he’s the dumbest one in the room.

BARTENDER: late-20s, male, handsome. The bartender of the hotel where the wedding is being held and the object of Ash’s interest. Thinks of himself as a great artist held back by a working-class service job, but really he’s quite shallow, unoriginal, even brutish. As such, he’s deeply self-conscious and would never turn away affection. He is the type of man to expect every other person to conform to his whims and desires even if he has no leverage or power to make
such demands.

HENRY: early-20s, male, gay. Ash’s ex-boyfriend, perhaps the best he’ll ever have. A deeply caring, compassionate young man who, if he had far less self-respect and even less intelligence, might still be with Ash.

MRS. SCHECHTER: 50s, female, short, slim. A dedicated and loving mother, always more keen on the small details of her children’s lives than her husband, even though he occupies the disciplinary role. She is less concerned with how she presents and is far less self-serious than her husband.

PENNY: 50s, female, stout. A shining, vivacious receptionist caught in the midst of a lifeless, brutal office.

HOSTESS: late-20s, female. The hostess at an upscale restaurant in downtown Chicago. A plucky and elegant young woman who extends favors and pleasantries only to the highest bidder.

HR REP: early-30s, female. An overly-official, prim woman who will always side with the interests of the company over the interests of the individual regardless of which party was in the wrong.

BRUNETTE: late-20s, female, beautiful. The most recent in a long line of Blaire’s adulterous “conquests.” She desires far more from Blaire than he could ever care or think to give.

OSCAR SCHECHTER: early-30s, male. The golden child. Immaculate son of Dr. Schechter and brother to Ash. Betrothed to Stephanie. Has the ineffable ability to forever avoid any anguish or misfortune, which, along with his age, has distanced him from his brother.

STEPHANIE: early-30s, female. The radiant bride-to-be.

RILEY: early 30s, male, slender. More weasel than human in both appearance and action, and one of Oscar’s oldest friends. Another sniveling cog in the corporate machine at the same company as Blaire, albeit in a different department.

OMAR: 20s, male, broad. A body-guard type; large, dimwitted, and fiercely loyal. Currently in-between jobs and crashing at B’s in exchange for mediocre sex.

TERRY: 40s, male, portly, tall. Stephanie and Oscar’s neurotic and flamboyant wedding planner.

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