Seeking Male Actor/Singer for Pilot

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We are seeking a male actor/singer (18-26) with some experience for a pilot to a musical dramedy. He should appear to be high school aged. Please read below for details.

Working Title:

“A Post Modern Musical”


Ryan Doyle


Weightless Films LLC


30-40 minute series


Musical Dramedy


United in musical talent but separated by social backgrounds, two hopeful teens fall in love, discovering the emotional turbulence of young romance along with disillusioning classism.


“Where did you go to high school?”

Shooting Dates:

June 21-23 & June 28-30

Character Description:

Ted – The bass of the boys’ group, and a bit of a mystery to his friends. No one, not even he, knows what his parents do for a living, but it’s clear they’re “old money”. He is about as White Anglo-Saxon as they come. He grew up with all of the finest luxuries, and is the stereotypical “trust-fund kid” in most regards. However, he desires greatness, namely through the success of their ensemble, and is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to be on top. He is jealous of the attention Noah gets for his talent. Ted also writes music for their ensemble, but it’s usually inferior to Noah’s compositions.

Contact Info:

Please email a headshot, vocal sample, and acting reel (if possible). If you don’t have a reel, send a resume with relevant acting and/or singing experience.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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