Seeking Young Actors/Singers for A Post Modern Musical

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Production title: “A Post Modern Musical”

Union / Non-Union: Non-Union

Production Type: Independent

Project Info: Series Test Pilot (30 minutes)

Production location: St. Louis Area

Production Company: Weightless Films

Director: Ryan Doyle

Producers: Ryan Doyle & Drew Scofield

Audition Location: Grant Glaize Library

1010 Meramec Station Road

Manchester, MO 63021

Shooting Location: Greater St. Louis Area


Compensation: Volunteer


Jan. 26, 2019 @ 1PM-4PM

(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)

Call Backs: TBD

Shooting Dates: June 21-23 & June 28-29

“A Post Modern Musical” is a dramedy test pilot about high school, music and St. Louis culture. United in musical talent but separated by social backgrounds, two hopeful teens fall in love, discovering the emotional turbulence of young romance along with disillusioning classism.

Character Bios (Seeking young adults who could appear to be high-school-aged)

Stella – (Female 18-25)

The main protagonist from South City, St. Louis. She is the guitarist, singer, and primary songwriter for the girls’ pop punk band. She’s a little naive and a hopeless romantic, but her optimism is admirable and not for mockery in tone. She meets Noah at a bougie party in West County, and it’s love at first site.

Skills preferred: Singing and Guitar


Noah – (Male 18-25)

Protagonist from “Upper Ladue”. Although wealthy, he is blissfully ignorant to his status. Noah is the lead singer of his friends “boyband”. He romanticizes the past, particularly through music, viewing it as a much more wholesome period that prioritized love and art opposed to greed. Like Stella, he is a hopeless romantic, but is often unconsciously self-absorbed.

Skills preferred: Singing and Guitar


Luca – (Female 18-25)

The drummer of the girls’ band, a bit of a ditz, but has a heart of gold.

Skills preferred: Novice level drumming


Jessie -(African American female 18-25)

Bassist of the girls’ band, all attitude, fearless, but can be a clown sometimes.


Renee – (Female 18-25)

Guitarist for the band, best friend of Jessie, and the unelected leader of the group. She’s unafraid to speak her mind.

Skills preferred – Guitar and Singing


Kenny – (Male 18-25)

The tenor of the boys’ group. Charismatic, he’s Noah’s best friend, sensitive, understanding, and also passionate about film.

Skills preferred – Singing


Ted – (Male 18-25)

The bass of the boys’ group. The song of “old money” Ted has a sense of entitlement, but an undying drive for music, like his friends. He’s more business-oriented in his pursuit, often jealous of Noah’s level of talent.

Skills preferred – Singing


Charlie – (Male 18-25)

The baritone of the boys’ group. A handsome James Bond wannabe, Charlie tries to act suave, occasionally overcompensating.

Skills preferred – Singing


Please email us a HEADSHOT, resume and/or reel of experience. We will follow-up and give you a time-slot during auditions. Thanks for your interest!

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