Welcome to the new redesign of St. Louis Auditions! I am pleased to unveil the new look and feel of the #1 online resource for actors, technicians, playwrights, screenwriters, designers, producers, directors, educators, musicians, dancers and students. Take a look around, and you will soon notice that a lot of what you have become accustomed to seeing here is still the same. I am still allowing you to publish your casting and audition notices. And I am still providing you the ability access the job listings 100% free.

When I started St. Louis Auditions in the summer of 2004, it was an out of frustration. I was frustrated to find publishing companies ending the day of offering free classified audition information to the public. It became harder and harder for those of us working in theater, film, and music to locate legitimate work. And for my acting students, it was even harder to find reliable resources in publications or online.

St Louis Auditions has experienced three significant changes over the years. I first started the resource as a simple online blog and when that became too large to manage I developed a website from the ground up. I borrowed the internal programming code from several opensource (free) scripts and technologies (nerd alert, I’m an actor who can code) from the internet.  In 2010, I noticed the then 3-year old version of St. Louis Auditions was failing due to mostly spammers. It was receiving close to 10,000 page views weekly, and spammers took notice! I quickly attempted to secure the website, but at every step, the spammers proved to be more nimble.

About two years ago, exactly 12 years after I launched the original St. Louis Auditions, I found the website growing unstable and reaching a severe breaking point. The website maintenance and server costs were rising out of control. When the site had too many unique visitors online at once, the server company recommended more reliable services and that came with surcharges. I have always been grateful to the individuals, theaters, producers and entities who donate toward the success of St. Louis Auditions. I could not do this work without their financial cooperation.

Today, I am excited to launch a new St. Louis Auditions. New features include:

  • 100% secure registration to help end spammers.
  • Integrated location mapping for every casting job.
  • Play video on casting job to learn more about the entity posting the job.
  • Social media integration for each casting job.
  • A private application process for each casting job.
  • An easy to edit, re-list or mark casting jobs interface.

Over time, I will roll out more features. What do you want to see? I pledge to listen to your feedback continually so I can improve St. Louis Auditions. All I ask is for you to consider the following:

Enjoy the community and break-a-leg on your next audition!

Ed Reggi