Short Film: Actors Needed!

Andromeda Productions

A student production in Waterloo Illinois, filming Friday May 10th, and Saturday May 11th. This project will be made for social media.

The Logline: Word of a zombie outbreak overseas spreads around the world like a virus of its own. As a small town prepares for the inevitable, the humanity which separates mankind from zombies becomes the first victim of the apocalypse.

4 Actors are needed:

Role 1: Cashier 

An anxious cashier, forced to work the store’s final shift as the apocalypse arises.

Pay: $100 Flat Fee

Role 2: Kareem

Calm. Cool. Collected. He takes the end of the world as an opportunity to run to the store and buy supplies (alcohol).

Unfortunately for him, his life is flipped upside down as chaos enuses and he is forced to confront the errors in his ways.

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Being able to speak Arabic would be a huge plus but not necessary.

Pay: $100 Flat Fee

Role 3: Ronald

A man with prejudices, who believes the world is a game in which he is the protagonist.

As chaos erupts, he forfeits his bigoted beliefs as he has to turn to others for help.

Pay: $100 Flat Fee

Role 4: Gunman

He sees everyone else in “his” town as a threat who will turn into zombies and try to kill him.

Pay: $50 Flat Fee

    Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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